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A house concert, very simply defined, is a musical event presented in someone’s home or another small space such as a backyard or community meeting room. It is a chance to introduce wonderful musicians to an audience in a setting where people gather to focus on the music.

Put simply, a house concert is “Music as it should be…in the home, from the heart.”

The most important factor is that the show is advertised as a “sit down concert” – audience expectation will be the difference between having a party with some poor fool making barely audible noise in the corner and having a concert that changes people’s lives.

Also, house concerts are usually…

  • held indoors and on weekends.
  • attended by 20-50 people.
  • paid for by a $10-20 donation per guest with the money collected going straight to the performer, with no “profit motive” on the presenter’s part.
  • known to include light snacks, beverages or a pot-luck dinner.
  • attended by the host’s friends, neighbors, co-workers, and maybe a few fans of the artist.
  • attended by a 25-60 age group.
  • performed with little to no amplification.
  • very intimate – the audiences sit close and are attentive.

Although house concerts will adhere to most of these traditions, they may not run exactly according to the list above. Each house concert is a collaboration between an artist, a host/presenter, and their friends and supporters.

While a well-tuned piano in good playing condition is preferred, it is not absolutely necessary.

If you have questions, please feel to ask!

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